Monday, January 17, 2011

Elephants and Orphans

"God is almighty, the hearts of all men are in his hands, and when God chooses to influence their hearts they will give." George Muller said this and his life of faith put this statement on display for all to see. The thought of raising money terrifies me to death, but I desire faith like Muller. The kind of faith that says: “How the means are to come, I know not; but I know that God is almighty, that the hearts of all are in His hands, and that, if He pleaseth to influence persons, they will send help.”

We want to adopt children from Ethiopia. We want to tell them about Jesus. The gospel shows us that we were born into death and then shows us, by free grace, that we're adopted for life. I, unlike my husband Peter, am anxious as all get out at the thought of traveling to Ethiopia. First of all, I am scared of flying and second of all, we will be leaving our little boy, Hudson, behind, waiting for our "safe" return. All I do know, is that God came to earth and lived as a man of great sacrifice, giving his life for me on a cross. This truth makes me want to be like Him. I want to get into a plane and fly for hours and hours to go pick up our child and tell them that that have a home. They have a mom and dad that want to share life with them. Peter and I love our life! We have been saved by grace, we have a sweet marriage with all the ups and down that come with two sinners living together, a beautiful and funny son, Hudson, who is healthy and grunts all day for food, a wonderful warm home, great families, a gospel-centered church, and a boxer named Dublin. We have so much prosperity, which is quite a test. As we head down this road we recognize that life may get harder. The plane on the way to Ethiopia may be small and rickety, but the Lord's "steadfast love is great to the heavens, [His] faithfulness to the clouds. " Psalm 57:10 No matter what the Lord has in store for us this next year, it will be for our good and His glory.

I created this blog to show chronicles of the adoption, family updates, and some of the things I learn from studying about Ethiopia. By the way, did you know that there are three different kinds of elephants in the whole world? Two of them are African. (the African bush elephant and the African forest elephant)


  1. Hooray for a blog to update! I love it! Ryan and I are so excited for you guys and can't wait to see the little one the Lord has in store for you!!

  2. Welcome to the crazy world of adoption and all the incredible ways God is going to bless your socks off for being obedient to His truth of loving the fatherless!!! I'm friends with your cousin Alison(we go to church together) and she let me know that ya'll are just starting this journey. My hubs and I are in the "waiting phase" of our journey to our little Ethiopian babe too, so if you ever have any questions along the way (not saying I'll have the answer, but I'll do my best), know you can always ask! You have no idea how it makes my heart so happy to know yet another family has heard the whisper of God to "live it" and trust Him and "Go"... in being a father to the fatherless! ONE LESS orphan in the world! I'm excited to watch you story unfold! Many Blessings! Hilary

  3. This is certainly exciting!! ...a blog in which to read your precious heart ...and a new grandchild to welcome!! BAM!

  4. Love your new blog and I love you!

  5. i don't know why this made me cry. but i'm SO EXCITED!!

  6. Thanks everyone!
    Mom and dad, i love you! Thanks for being for this whole thing. It's great to know that ya'll are excited and on board for this journey!
    Hilary, Thanks for your kind words and yes, I will be taking you up on some advice! Hope things go well for you all.
    Allyson and Lisa, Thanks girls!